Two story house plans free AutoCAD drawings

Two story house plans dwg, CAD Blocks, free download.
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Category: Type of houses / Single family house

The AutoCAD drawings contains: facades, sections, levels, plans for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, family room, garage for 3 cars, study rooms.

CAD Blocks, free download - Two story house plans

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  1. Jaysen
    August 19 (2020)
    Do you have a foundation/basement plan for this house as well by chance? And an electrical plan?
    1. general
      August 19 (2020)
  2. Tebello
    July 01 (2020)
    I like the plans as I want to build for myself a house.
  3. dawit
    June 19 (2020)
    I like the plans, and it helped me
  4. Dan
    May 12 (2020)
    Hello I really liked this platform I do appreciate your deeds
  5. Guest Ricardo
    Guest Ricardo
    April 27 (2020)
    Buenas tardes: Hay alguien que me pueda proporcionar un proyecto completo para ver la presentación de los mismos, prometo proporcionar los míos.
    April 05 (2020)
    It is a good thing to have these DWG models to help us those who are to chase the relevance of the advantage of the computer technology. Since, there is no time to rewind the world the only choice to have is to accept and embrace this computer age. Thank You & God Bless.
  7. masaka hude
    masaka hude
    February 20 (2020)
    I really like this plan because it is designed well. Keep up the good work from Kampala, Uganda.
  8. J9
    September 15 (2019)
    Queria uma imagem igual a essa mais uma que dê pra ver as medidas.
    Me responde aí por favor
  9. Guest Mert
    Guest Mert
    September 13 (2019)
    Architecture department is the best.
  10. Nivram Ancis Borinaga
    Nivram Ancis Borinaga
    September 08 (2019)
    Thank you so much for a very informative detail on technical plans
  11. Caunwythen Jacks
    Caunwythen Jacks
    May 21 (2019)
    These projects are awesome and quite inspiring for rookies looking to expand on their experience
  12. Jared
    December 11 (2018)
    nice look and stairs
  13. Ajith
    September 29 (2018)
    Its really nice
  14. Mirhamza Kotwal
    Mirhamza Kotwal
    May 14 (2018)
  15. majdeemaje
    April 13 (2018)