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Drawings of English flags in AutoCAD, free download vector images. National flag from 1801 also commonly known as the Union Jack, used as the flag of the United Kingdom. The Royal Standard of the United Kingdom - flag of Queen Elizabeth II in her capacity as Queen of the United Kingdom. De facto Flag of England from 1245 also known as the St George's Cross. Royal Banner of King Richard I was used for from 1198 to 1340. The Royal Standard of Scotland. Flag of Wales, also known as the Red Dragon or Y Ddraig Goch. Flag of Scotland, also known as the St Andrew's Cross, or the Saltire. Personal Flag of Elizabeth II, used by the Queen in her capacity as Head of the Commonwealth from 1952.

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  1. Guest Matt
    Guest Matt
    January 27 (2020)
    I hate to be pedantic, but these are British flags, not English ones.